Goodbye flu. Stay well the natural way.

Staying well during flu season sounds almost impossible right? It’s enough to make some want to stray away from public places, especially with having babies and small children.

When my children were young, they were constantly catching colds. My youngest son, would get a persistent cough for weeks, sometimes lasting a month. He lost sleep, I lost sleep, we were both suffering. I was sick and tired of them being sick and tired. 

Fast forward to my third pregnancy when I took the plunge and wanted to go full speed ahead, without looking back into the world of essential oils, herbs and quality supplements. Yes, it was a lot to learn, but I couldn't afford sleepless nights with a newborn and a sick child. It was a better time than ever to take the plunge.

I started off with a few essential oils, that I mixed with fractionated coconut oil and kept in mini canning jars. I would apply a blend to my children's feet almost everyday for immunity. When I noticed symptoms arising (usually sneezing, or clear runny nose), an additional blend was used multiple times a day.

Around this time, I also started using probiotics on top of their multivitamin. To this day, I still give them the same probiotic. 

Do my kids still get sick? They don’t get prolonged sicknesses, but they do get symptoms. Natural remedies aren’t 100% effective, but they do lessen symptoms. Our sicknesses, last a day or two with no fever, scratchy throat, and mild runny nose.

My oldest son had flu symptoms last year. He had a low grade fever, stomach ache and fatigue. I went to work on my remedies.

He was feeling better within hours.

It might seem labor intensive to attack symptoms with a long list of remedies, but why not try it?

What if you can spare yourself and your family a multi-day, domino effect where other family members catch the same virus. Why not have all the necessities on hand, and follow a certain protocol to nix these symptoms head on? Many of us parents are super busy, with kid activities and jobs. A sick family member(s) can change the course for the entire family.

Now let's take a look of what I keep in my flu medicine cabinet:


These items are a must. Click on the link to purchase. Have these staples on hand since using them at the first signs of symptoms greatly diminishes the symptoms away. Being proactive and prepared is essential!

Elderberry Elixir 

Boiron Oscillosicum

Detox Bath Soak

Dr. Mercola Probiotics for Kids

Dr. Mercola Multivitamin for Kids



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