Mom and owner of Sweet Grass Essentials giving her daughter a dose of the children's elderberry elixir. Rylea Foehl Photography

Sweet Grass Essentials started in 2016 by Jennifer, a mother to three children living on a small farm a few miles south of Seattle, WA. Throughout her childhood her mother nurtured her with clean eating, holistic and homeopathy practices. Fast forward to Jennifer's turn at motherhood. She had a hard time trying to balance everything she wanted to do for her family health wise. After her children started getting sick one after the other, she made the commitment to no longer rely on any type of over the counter medicine as it seemed to just put a band aid versus eliminating or preventing symptoms. She started practicing a daily holistic regimen to keep her family healthy and happy. Using her B.S. in mechanical engineering, she has carefully formulated her essential oil blends, herbal tinctures and skin creams to name a few.