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Tallow balm


What is tallow? It is essentially beef fat. We use the highest quality beef tallow from the fat around the kidneys. Also called leaf fat, this beef fat from the kidney area is the highest in all the various nutrients that beef fat, especially grass fed beef fat, contains. 

Tallow balm is just three ingredients.

100% organic grass fed/finished tallow from my small farm. Organic virgin olive oil and pure essential oils. 

Replace your skin and face cream with this back to the basics nourishing whipped balm. Contains Vitamins A, D, E, K and CLA. 

Moisturizer for dry and cracked skin.

May improve eczema symptoms. 

Remedy for burns, cuts and scrapes. 

Increases natural collagen production to help with acne and wrinkles. 

Size: 100% recyclable/reusable 2 oz. glass jar

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lynessa Magrans

Purchased at a local farmers market and when I was ready to resupply I was out of state so I was worried shipping it in summer would change the consistency, and it didn’t! The packaging was amazing and I even received a hand written note :) I’m so happy I’ve finally found the tallow balm I’ve been looking for that my skin loves! I use this as a daily face moisturizer.

Nikki Farnsworth
Face dryness on toddler

My 1 year old has been battling a very dry face. I've tried a few other products including breast milk and nothing worked. Then I ordered this tallow and within 3 days it has cleared the redness and made her skin soft again. So incredibly grateful I found this product! I'm also using it on my and my daughter's face as a daily moisturizer.

Nicole Carr
Wonderful Tallow Balm!

I have been using the tallow balm for a couple months and love it! I did not intend, at first, to use it on my face but after trying a name brand face cream that ended up irritating my skin, I tried the tallow on my face and it healed the dryness and felt so good that it is now the only thing I put on my face.

Miracle worker!!

Just want to thank you for your amazing Tallow!! My 1 year girl was having the worst yeast diaper rash EVER and we tried EVERYTHING for a couple of weeks and then I gave your tallow a go and overnight it cleared up so much and now the second day it's practically gone!!!! Idk where we would be without this, kicking diaper balm to the curve and using this Tallow!!!


I love the care that goes into each and every product. From minimal ingredients to glass containers, and kindness with each interaction and purchase. You can tell they really care about making not just a fantastic product, but leaving a positive impact in the world too. I love that lots comes from their small farm too. I started with the goat milk lotion and loved it. Now I am trying the tallow balm. I can’t wait to see how it goes.